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David Kirsch's Butt Book

David’s never come across a butt he couldn’t sculpt.
He can make them higher, rounder, tighter, larger, and smaller. Think of this book as your butt bible.

You won’t find another book like The Butt Book. In this fun, easy-to-follow, fully illustrated manual, you can depend on exercises being effective, fun, and safe - just like David would do with you in his New York City gym.

Who should use it? Everyone! The workout manual is designed for all body types, both beginners and the advanced, for both men and women. You decide the intensity of your workout based on your desired fitness goals. David’s philosophy has always been to help YOU FIND YOUR BEST YOU! The Butt Book manual contains over 17 fully-illustrated exercises, stretches, cardio prescriptions, and a nutritional meal plan. Pre-order your copy today!

Click the image above for a glance at the manual. Below are some samples of David’s signature moves. Within a few weeks, you will develop what David likes to call an “assitude.” Order the Butt Book manual today and get KIRSCHED!

Crossover Lunge Platypus Walk Donkey Kicks


The perfect companion to The Butt Book is David’s Thermo Bubbles, a powerful nutritional supplement that naturally energizes your body and curbs your appetite. Featuring two proprietary blends of vitamins, herbs and minerals—a Weight Management Blend and a Thermogenic Blend—this delicious drink looks and tastes like a delicious pink lemonade, and has everything you need to maintain your progress and realize a tone tush.

Ultimate Detox Kit
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A highly intensive, comprehensive 14 – day training and nutritional program guaranteed to achieve specific optimal results.