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David Kirsch's Ultimate Summer Slimdown

Meaningful Results

You made it. I am so proud of each of you who committed to change your life. Your wellness journey is just beginning. Let’s do it together. I want to know your story. Please take time this weekend to send me your story. How did you do on the Summer Slimdown? What have you learned about yourself? What goals did you meet or exceed? If you don’t have plans for Memorial Day, make some today! You deserve a day to celebrate your accomplishments. And take your camera! I want to experience it with you. It’s why I do what I do.


The Ultimate Slimdown was a free offering to thousands of people who desperately wanted the tools and knowledge of what it takes to loose weight, tone muscles, and pursue wellness. Don’t let this program become just another short-lived diet for you. Let it become the rest of your life. It is our hope that you will take what you have learned and share it. You are a living example of the possibilities available to everyone.

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A highly intensive, comprehensive 14 – day training and nutritional program guaranteed to achieve specific optimal results.